Tuna prices remained low in April as fishing conditions were good in most production areas around the world

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Published Apr 13, 2024

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The article provides an overview of the global tuna market, noting stable prices in Bangkok at $1,300/ton with attempts to reduce them further, while highlighting regional differences in supply and price. The western Pacific enjoys an abundant supply due to active fishing, contrasting with strong fishing conditions but higher prices in the eastern Pacific and good conditions in the Indian Ocean. The impact of skipjack tuna's low price is affecting the purchase price of yellowfin tuna, particularly for Spanish canneries. Additionally, a fishing moratorium in Côte d'Ivoire's Abidjan region has led to market uncertainty due to a low catch of skipjack tuna, underscoring the complexities and regional variances within the global tuna market.
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Sources said that a large trader in Bangkok, Thailand, offered a price of $1,300/ton, and large canneries hoped to lower it to $1,250/ton. The main transaction price was stable at $1,300/ton. In the western Pacific production area, Asian ships are operating in the waters near Papua New Guinea and the Federated States of Micronesia, and the supply of raw materials is relatively abundant. In the eastern Pacific, fishing conditions in Peruvian waters remain strong, with prices at $1,400-$1,500/ton. Fishing conditions in the Indian Ocean are good, with ships operating near the coasts of Tanzania and Kenya. The price of yellowfin tuna is affected by the low price of skipjack tuna. The purchase price of yellowfin tuna by Spanish canneries is €2,500-€2,550. ($2,710-$2,765)/ton. In the Abidjan region of Côte ...
Source: Foodmate
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