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Turkey accounted for 60% of European alerts for pesticides in the first quarter

Updated Apr 7, 2022
Data from the first quarter of the year from the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) reveal that Turkey continues to account for 60% of the total rejections in fruit and vegetables for containing active ingredients not authorized in the EU or for observing limits Maximum Residues (MRL) higher than those authorized in the community, according to a complaint by LA UNIÓ de Llauradors.
Turkey had 180 alerts in the first quarter out of 298 from all countries from which fruit and vegetables are imported. March also continues the upward escalation of rejections of Turkish imports. If in February there were 45 interceptions, during the past month the figure has already risen to 74. In these fruit and vegetable imports from Turkey, the product in which unauthorized use and abuse of pesticides has been found on the most occasions during this first quarter are citrus, with 108 interceptions. In terms of substances, a large part are due to the presence of Methyl Chlorpyrifos or Chlorpyrifos, active substances that are known to be prohibited in European territory. Carles Peris, general secretary of LA UNIÓ de Llauradors, points out that "the data is really scandalous and shows that the free bar in Turkey must end and imports should be suspended until an exhaustive audit is carried out". In this sense, already at the beginning of March, LA UNIÓ asked the European ...
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