Turkey prices will begin to rise before the May holidays

Turkey Meat
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Published Mar 15, 2024

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Turkey prices in Russia are anticipated to drop from March 18 due to the commencement of Lent, a time when meat consumption typically decreases. However, prices could increase by 5-10% from April 28, marking the start of the kebab season. Anatoly Velmatov, executive director of the National Association of Turkey Producers, states that these price changes are normal market fluctuations. Despite a 15-20% rise in turkey fillet prices compared to last year, no significant changes in turkey prices are expected in the near future due to adequate supplies of feed, equipment, and veterinary drugs in Russian enterprises.
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Turkey prices will begin to decline on March 18 due to the beginning of Lent, when demand for meat in Russia traditionally decreases. However, from April 28, when the kebab season begins along with the May holidays, turkey prices may rise by 5-10%, executive director of the National Association of Turkey Producers Anatoly Velmatov told Parliamentary Newspaper. “During the barbecue season, the demand for turkey meat increases as it is widely used for barbecues and kebabs. During Lent, on the contrary, the demand for meat decreases,” explained Velmatov. The expected price change is normal market fluctuation, he said. Prices go up and then go down within two weeks. In the near future, sharp changes in turkey prices are not expected, since Russian enterprises are sufficiently supplied with feed, equipment and veterinary drugs. True, compared to last year, prices for turkey fillets have already increased by an average of 15-20%. “Some items remained at the same price level as last ...
Source: AgroInvestor
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