Turkey Producers Association expects price hike this year

Turkey Meat
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Published Mar 15, 2024

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Anatoly Velmatov, the executive director of the National Association of Turkey Producers, has predicted a rise in turkey meat prices in Russia this year, ranging from five to 10 percent. This follows a 15-20 percent increase last year due to higher costs for poultry feed, packaging, electricity, and other production components. Despite Russia's reliance on importing hatching eggs from countries like Great Britain, Canada, and France, the country has managed to increase its self-sufficiency in hatching eggs from 15-20 to 55 percent over the past five years.
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A jump in prices for turkey meat is expected in Russia this year. According to the Parliamentary Gazette, the executive director of the National Association of Turkey Producers, Anatoly Velmatov, spoke about this. For example, from March 18, this meat may become cheaper due to the onset of Lent, when consumption of this product in Russia traditionally decreases. However, from April 28, the cost of turkey will begin to rise again due to the simultaneous onset of the May holidays and the barbecue season, when many Russians begin to go out into nature or have picnics. The price change during these periods, according to expert forecasts, will range from five to 10 percent. He recalled that last year turkey prices had already risen by 15-20 percent. The reasons were an increase in prices for poultry feed, packaging, electricity and other components of production, as well as a 20-25 percent increase in salaries for producers. In the near future, according to him, no price fluctuations ...
Source: Rosng
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