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Published Apr 17, 2024

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The Russia-Ukraine war has led to a drastic 70 percent reduction in tomato exports from Antalya, Turkey, primarily affecting the Ukrainian market which was 90 percent of Antalya's export destination. Exporters like Bülent Özdemir are now turning to Eastern European countries to compensate for the loss, amidst challenges such as high production and input costs, and transportation issues, including significant delays at border gates like Kapıkule, causing up to 50 percent of goods to rot. These delays, lasting 3-4 days, severely impact the freshness of perishable goods. The article calls for support for farmers, improvements at border gates, and the creation of a separate route for refrigerated vehicles to enhance competitiveness and reduce wastage, highlighting the broader impact of geopolitical conflicts and logistical challenges on global food supply chains.
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The Russia-Ukraine war affected Antalya, Turkey's most important tomato production center, in terms of exports. Exporter Bülent Özdemir, who announced that 90 percent of their exports were to Ukraine, stated that they were trying to cover the loss with Eastern European countries. In Antalya, where tomato was the largest export in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector last January, the reflection of the Russia-Ukraine war reduced exports. Exporter Bülent Özdemir stated that they were looking for a solution to prevent exports from being negatively affected and said, "Until the Eid al-Fitr, there was a serious demand in the countries where we work abroad, especially due to the weather. Since the temperature of the weather has increased in the countries we are currently working in, the production of each country has started to enter the markets. Therefore, of course Our exports started to decrease. We mainly export to Ukraine along with Eastern European countries. The crisis between ...
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