Tusk on relations with Ukraine: there is no deficit, there is one critical moment regarding Ukrainian grain

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Published Feb 27, 2024

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has highlighted the critical issue of Ukrainian grain export, stating that it is not causing a deficit in Polish-Ukrainian relations but needs a solution that doesn't harm Ukraine or victimize Polish farmers. Tusk urged Ukrainian politicians to avoid emotional comments and work towards a resolution, warning that failure to do so could lead to significant discord between the two nations.
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There is no deficit in Polish-Ukrainian relations, there is one critical moment regarding the export of Ukrainian grain, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Monday. In his opinion, "it would be the greatest idiocy in the history of our nations if we quarreled now and did not find a solution." At Monday's briefing, Tusk was asked whether there were representatives of the Polish authorities in Kiev on Saturday. Four Western leaders - the prime ministers of Italy, Canada and Belgium and the head of the European Commission - arrived in the capital of Ukraine on the second anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion. "Poland is the last country that has to prove its solidarity with Ukraine. We rather look at many other Western countries with such a question mark: 'when will you finally move and take your obligations towards Ukraine seriously in its clash with Russia?'" replied the head of the Polish government . According to the Prime Minister, "there is no deficit in ...
Source: AgroPolska
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