Poland: This week, proposals to revise some provisions of the Green Deal

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Published Mar 5, 2024

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has called for a revision of the Green Deal, arguing that some of its provisions do not adequately address the European Union's real issues. Tusk emphasized that environmental protection should not interfere with food production and stressed the importance of protecting the European food market. He also highlighted the significance of food self-sufficiency, equating it to military security, particularly in light of the ongoing conflict with Russia. Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Szimonyte supported these views, suggesting a need for flexibility in the implementation pace of the Green Deal's new solutions.
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Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Monday in Vilnius that this week he would announce the content of the proposal to change some provisions of the Green Deal. "Europe does not have to be doomed to a civil war between ecology and agriculture," said the head of the Polish government. As Tusk said at a press conference with Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Szimonyte, some provisions of the Green Deal "are not entirely adequate to the real problems of the European Union", and "environmental protection cannot and does not have to be in conflict with food production." As Donald Tusk announced, in the coming days he will take the initiative to revise the Green Deal, which will aim to protect the European food market. "This week I will publicly announce the content of the proposal to the European Commission and the leaders of the member states." "We will find a way to ensure that the provisions of the Green Deal do not harm the interests of large groups of people, not only farmers," ...
Source: AgroPolska
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