Ukraine has caught up with the leaders of the EU sugar beet industry in terms of production

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Published Jan 26, 2024

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Ukraine is set to produce over 1.8 million tons of sugar this season, thanks to high yield and sugar content of its sugar beet. The country's yield per hectare has reached European standards, averaging 7.46 tons. Furthermore, the average sugar content in Ukraine is 17.3%, a figure that even France, the leading EU sugar beet producer, has struggled to reach due to rainfall. This has positioned Ukraine as a potential competitor in the European sugar market.
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The yield and sugar content of sugar beet this season will allow Ukraine to produce more than 1.8 million tons of sugar. This is a fairly high figure that ensures profitability for farmers and sugar producers. This was reported to by Oleksandr Korotynskyi, Director of the Sugar Beet Production Research Center. “If we take the yield of sugar per 1 hectare, Ukraine has reached the indicators of European countries. While last season we had 7.45 tons of sugar per hectare, this season we will reach an average of 7.46 tons per hectare. For Ukraine, this is the second season in a row with an average above 7 tons per hectare. According to him, this season we have a yield of 480 c/ha, sugar content is 17.3% on average in Ukraine. At the same time, France (one of ...
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