Ukraine is confidently moving towards world leadership in raspberry exports

Updated Sep 19, 2023
According to EastFruit analysts, despite Russian aggression, Ukraine has recently taken a huge step towards becoming a world leader in the export of frozen raspberries. Over the past five seasons, the volume of exports of frozen raspberries from Ukraine has increased 3.1 times, i.e. annually it increased by an average of 40-45%. During the same time, world leader Serbia reduced its net exports of these products by 35%, and Poland - by 26%.
“Even 10 years ago, Ukraine practically did not export frozen raspberries - and in the European market, and in the world too, two countries actually dominated - Serbia and Poland. Less than 1% of what Serbia and Poland exported jointly was exported from Ukraine, which did not affect the market in any way. However, already in 2018, Ukraine was noticed, although even then the volumes of exports from Ukraine were not comparable to what the leaders exported - only about 5% of their total volume. However, at the end of the 2022/23 season, raspberry exports from Ukraine have already exceeded 50% of what Serbia exported and 43% of the total export volume of frozen raspberries from Poland. I emphasize the word “general” because almost 37% of raspberry exports from Poland were re-exports, mainly Ukrainian raspberries. Therefore, if we consider net exports, then Ukraine has come quite close to Poland in terms of volume,” says Andriy Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of the ...
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