Ukrainian biscuits were banned in Poland

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Published Apr 15, 2024

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In Poland, the Trade Inspection for the Quality of Agricultural and Food Products (IJHARS) in Rzeszów has recently taken action against several Ukrainian food products for not meeting quality and safety standards. This includes the banning of two batches of biscuit cakes due to incorrect labeling, three batches of lambs and ice cream for unspecified reasons and defrosting issues respectively, and a 57-ton batch of tomato paste found to contain mold. Additionally, a significant fine was levied against an importer for mislabeling non-food products as food items. These measures reflect a broader scrutiny of Ukrainian food imports into Poland, with a rejection rate of 1.4% of inspected batches at the border over the past year.
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The Trade Inspection for the Quality of Agricultural and Food Products of Poland (IJHARS) in Rzeszów issued a decision to ban the circulation of two batches of Ukrainian biscuit cakes on the Polish market. This is reported by Fixygen. The total weight of the specified goods, imported from Ukraine, reaches 10.55 thousand tons. The Polish inspection noted that the decision was made due to incorrect labeling. The decision was immediately implemented. It should be noted that on April 9 in Rzeszów, IJHARS issued a decision banning the circulation on the Polish market of three batches of lambs with a total weight of 5.34 thousand tons, imported from Ukraine. In Lublin, three batches of ice cream with a total weight of 8.48 tons, imported from Ukraine, were seized from the Polish market in connection with defrosting. At the beginning of April, the Trade Inspection of Poland announced the largest fine in its history of $380,000 imposed on an importing company for importing 11,500 tons of ...
Source: Agropolit
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