Ukrainian grain and agricultural reactions set Europe on fire

Updated Sep 22, 2023
The EU is not extending the ban on Ukrainian grain imports, but Eastern European farmers see the risk of plummeting prices and are reacting.
Last Thursday (14/9), Brussels decided not to extend these bans, but Poland, Slovakia and Hungary announced the unilateral continuation of the embargo. Bulgaria has decided not to extend its ban on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products, sparking major protests and roadblocks at the border with Romania. This forced Bucharest to reconsider its position. The import of Ukrainian sunflower seeds will stop until Bulgaria and Ukraine agree on the respective import quotas. The Bulgarian government, following the recent farmers' protests, announced that it would support domestic production and agreed to a temporary halt to imports of Ukrainian sunflower seeds. Bulgarian grain producers are also demanding a ban on imports of soft wheat, maize and canola. But we also had demonstrations last Saturday, in Romania, with farmers asking the government to unilaterally ban the import of Ukrainian grain and other food products after the decision of the European Commission to lift the ...
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