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Ukrainian grain exports stand at 36.6 million tons

Updated Mar 26, 2023
Ukraine's grain exports in the 2022/23 season so far amounted to 36.6 million tons as of March 24, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture in Kyiv. Ukraine exported 44.8 million tons of grain until March 27 last year. Volumes so far for the current season, which runs from July to June, have included about 12.6 million tons of wheat, 21.5 million tons of corn and 2.26 million tons of barley. According to the ministry, grain exports in March reached 4.29 million tons on March 24. According to the ministry, the grain harvest in Ukraine may drop to 44.3 million tons in 2023. The spring sowing of 2023 has started in most Ukrainian regions, various crops have been sown on a total of 293 thousand hectares, the Kyiv Ministry of Agriculture announced. Ukraine has announced that it expects a decrease in the area sown this year due to the Russian invasion and the occupation of a large part of the country. According to the ministry's announcement, farmers sowed 76,100 hectares of spring wheat, 168,100 hectares of barley, 35,300 hectares of fodder peas and 14,200 hectares of oats in 18 regions by March 24.
Sowing of sunflowers for 2023 has already begun in the Odessa region, while sugar beet sowing has already begun in five central and western regions, the ministry announced. The ministry previously announced that the area sown to grain could decrease by 1.4 million hectares to 10.2 million hectares in 2023, while the area sown with oilseeds could increase. Russia has no plans to halt wheat exports, but wants exporters to ensure prices paid to farmers are high enough to cover average production costs, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Friday. This would mean wheat export prices would be kept at or above $275 to $280 per ton, they added. The Russian business daily Vedomosti previously reported, citing two unidentified sources, that Russia may propose a temporary halt to wheat and sunflower exports after the sharp global price drop experienced in recent weeks. According to sources, there is no such plan. The Russian Ministry of Agriculture and Economy declined to ...
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