Ukrainian plants raise prices for greenhouse tomatoes virtually every day

Updated Sep 30, 2023
In the current week, prices for greenhouse tomatoes in Ukraine have risen again, analysts of the EastFruit project report. The active growth of prices for greenhouse tomatoes on the Ukrainian market is due to several factors at once. First of all, the upward price trend is dictated by a noticeable reduction in the supply of these products on the market due to a decrease in samples in stationary greenhouse plants due to the cold weather.
At the same time, the increase in prices in this segment is also associated with the increase in costs for growing greenhouse products. So, currently representatives of Ukrainian greenhouse plants agree to ship tomatoes no cheaper than UAH 45-65/kg ($1.23-1.78/kg), which is on average 36% more expensive than at the end of the last working week. As the producers themselves note, the increase in prices in this segment is caused primarily by increased demand against the background of a reduction in the supply of tomatoes: the decrease in average daily temperatures had a detrimental effect on the ripening process of greenhouse products, as a result of which the selections in farms were sharply reduced. It should be noted that, despite the rather sharp increase in the price of greenhouse tomatoes, the ...
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