Uruguay: Butchers and meatpackers offer cuts 40% cheaper after an agreement

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Published Nov 14, 2023

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Uruguay is facing high meat prices, and in an effort to offer cheaper cuts, butcher shops and meatpackers have made an agreement to provide discounts of up to 40%. The promotions include lomo and lamb balls, with the hope of remaining competitive in the market. The Union of Meat Sellers emphasized the importance of the customer and aims to support families by offering affordable options for meals.
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The high price of meat also impacts Uruguay. Butcher shops and meatpackers made an agreement to offer cheaper cuts with a discount of up to 40%. The main promotions are lomo and lamb balls. The agreement is promoted by the Union of Meat Sellers (UVC). “It is a big sacrifice,” the parties point out. The butcher shop sector indicated that they are going to give up profits to offer a better price. “We want to be within the market,” the union explained to the Uruguayan portal El País. This month they presented two cuts. On the one hand, lomo ball that costs 297 Uruguayan pesos. It would be 2610.74 Argentine pesos at the official exchange rate. This value remains after the 40% discount. In the case of lamb, it is sold roasted at a price of 189 Uruguayan pesos, equivalent to 1,661 Argentine pesos. Rafael Rodríguez, vice president of the UVC, explained: “This offer of loin ball and lamb roast demonstrates the great effort that butchers make for the people. The customer is the most ...
Source: Agrofy News
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