US dispute over transgenic corn in Mexico: Buenrostro foresees resolution until 2024

Updated Oct 2, 2023
The Secretary of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro, foresees that the final resolution in the dispute over genetically modified corn, or transgenic corn, will be reached in March 2024, according to statements made during a press conference after the High Level Economic Dialogue between Mexico and the United States, which took place in Washington. Buenrostro explained that the process to resolve these types of disputes follows a set of well-defined terms and procedures.
”This starts with creating a panel and ends with the final resolution. At this moment, the panel members and lawyers are working hard to obtain the final result,” said the Mexican secretary. At this point in the process, the panel has already been established, and a final solution is expected to be reached in March next year. For her part, the United States trade representative, Katherine Tai, commented that she and Secretary Buenrostro had held a bilateral meeting in which various topics were addressed, although the issue of genetically modified corn was not specifically discussed. Tai noted that the corn issue is in the hands of lawyers at this time and that, in terms of timelines, it is expected to take several months before a definitive answer is obtained. ”There is a clear set of procedures in place, and our teams are actively participating on both sides of the dispute,” Tai told media. Why is there a dispute over transgenic corn in Mexico and the US? The United States has ...
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