USA: Soybean exporters report sales of 121,500 tons to undisclosed destinations

United States
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Published Apr 20, 2024

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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently reported significant soybean sales to undisclosed destinations, totaling 121,500 tons. This includes 13,500 tons for the 2023/24 commercial year and 108,000 tons for the 2024/25 season. The announcement underscores the USDA's requirement for US exporters to report large sales volumes, specifically those exceeding 100,000 tons in a single day or 200,000 tons to the same destination by the next day. This move is part of the USDA's efforts to monitor and disclose agricultural commodity sales, offering crucial insights for sectors such as agriculture, livestock, and the broader economy.
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United States exporters reported sales of 121,500 tons of soybeans to undisclosed destinations, with 13,500 tons for the 2023/24 commercial year and 108,000 tons for 2024/25, the United States Department of Agriculture reported recently. United States (USDA). Check out hot information about agriculture, livestock, economy and weather forecast in the palm of your hand: follow Canal Rural on WhatsApp! The 2023/24 business year began on September 1, 2023, while the 2024/25 season begins in September 2024. US ...
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