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VASEP adds information about the seafood processing process to solve problems for businesses that are subject to 'processed' tax like 'preliminary processing'.

VASEP bổ sung thông tin qui trình chế biến thủy hải sản gỡ vướng cho DN bị áp thuế hàng 'chế biến' như 'sơ chế'
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Regulation / Agreement
Aug 31, 2020
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This is VASEP's dispatch after the meeting between the General Department of Taxation and representatives of VASEP (on August 14) to remove difficulties for seafood businesses and resolve recommendations in the imposition of taxes on “institutionalized” seafood products. variable "and" preliminary processing ". In this dispatch, VASEP provides more information about the process and processing technology of different groups of seafood products with specific processing activities in accordance with the practice and specified in the Law on Food Safety. and Decision 27/2018 / QD-TTg so that the General Department of Taxation has more practical bases in processing seafood products for export. Specifically, for pangasius, Pangasius materials are farmed and supplied from strictly controlled ponds in most of the Mekong Delta provinces. Be brought to the pangasius processing factories in a state of live fish to ensure the quality and freshness according to the highest requirements of ...
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