Vegetable oil production in Kazakhstan is growing, but its prices are falling

Published Jun 21, 2024

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Kazakhstan has seen a 13.1% increase in the production of vegetable oil in the first five months of this year, totaling 317.5 thousand tons, with unrefined oil production rising by 17.1% and refined oil production falling by 1.3%. The majority of this production was unrefined sunflower oil, with local companies meeting 84.6% of the demand. Despite a 27.4% decrease in domestic sales, retail prices for vegetable oil fell by 23.4% in May compared to the same period last year, with the largest price drops seen in the Kyzylorda, Almaty, and Aktobe regions.
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In which regions of the country has this product fallen in price the most? In January-May of this year, Kazakhstan produced 317.5 thousand tons of refined and unrefined vegetable oil, 13.1% more than a year earlier. Including the production of refined oil decreased by 1.3% over the year, to 60 thousand tons, unrefined oil, on the contrary, increased by 17.1%, to 257.5 thousand tons. reports this with reference to data from the industry analytical portal Regionally, the largest volumes of vegetable oil were produced in the East Kazakhstan region: 100.8 thousand tons of unrefined and 29.4 thousand tons of refined oil. The top three in the production of unrefined oil were Abay and Akmola regions, and Shymkent and Almaty for refined oil. The bulk of vegetable oil production is accounted for by unrefined sunflower oil: 219 thousand tons, 37.8% more than a year earlier. Another 55.1 thousand tons was the production of refined sunflower oil, 20.9 thousand ...
Source: Agrosektor
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