Virtuous city of Mersin, which has become the center of lemon production in Turkey...

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Published Feb 23, 2024

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In Erdemli, Mersin, Turkey's capital of lemon production, women play a crucial role in the harvest and packaging of 'Kütdiken' and 'Lamas' lemons. They make up 70% of the workforce and are involved in every stage from harvesting to sorting, wrapping, and packaging. The lemons are then sent to cold storages in Mersin and Nevşehir for summer consumption. The lemon, exported to 60 countries, is a significant source of income for the region's inhabitants.
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While the harvest of 'Kütdiken' and 'Lamas' lemons continues in Erdemli district of Mersin, which has become the center of lemon production in Turkey, women are taking part in every stage. Hundreds of women work overtime from harvest to packaging. Lemon harvest continues in Mersin, which has an important place in Turkey's fresh fruit and vegetable production. In Erdemli, known as the capital of lemon production, the "Kütdiken and Lamas" varieties are harvested on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are separated according to their size, packaged and shipped to cold storage for consumption in the summer. More women than men work in these jobs. The workers, 70 percent of whom are women, harvest in the gardens and take part in sorting, wrapping and packaging processes. The lemons, which the women package quickly and carefully, are then sent to cold storages in Mersin and Nevşehir. Lemon, which is exported to 60 countries outside Turkey, is known as the source of income for the ...
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