South Korea: The development of African swine fever vaccine is within sight

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Published Apr 21, 2024

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A promising development in the fight against African Swine Fever (ASF), a disease that has significantly impacted global agriculture, is the creation of a live attenuated vaccine candidate, ASFV-MEC-01, showing promising results in pig experiments. This vaccine, developed domestically using the ASF virus isolated from domestic wild boars, is set to undergo outdoor clinical trials in Vietnam next year. Despite the challenges faced in developing an effective and safe vaccine for ASF, which has been reported in 71 countries and led to the culling of hundreds of thousands of animals since its outbreak, this breakthrough could potentially end the ongoing epidemic. The vaccine's efficacy, demonstrated through high survival rates among vaccinated pigs, marks a significant step forward after over a century of ASF with no available vaccine due to the virus's complex structure.
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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Jaeyoung Lee = The development of a vaccine for African swine fever (ASF) is within sight. Attention is being paid to whether a domestically developed vaccine will provide a breakthrough to end the 'ASF epidemic' that began in 2007 at the short end and the 1960s at the longest. ◇ Efficacy and safety of domestically developed vaccine candidate confirmed in pig experiments According to the National Wildlife Disease Control and Prevention Agency on the 21st, the live attenuated vaccine (LAV) candidate (ASFV-MEC-01) created using the ASF virus isolated from domestic wild boars produced high levels of antibodies in a test on pigs last year. It was confirmed to be formed and safe. Separately from this, it was reported that positive results were also obtained in the safety evaluation of sows of the attenuated vaccine candidate developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently conducted by the Agency. The agency plans to soon apply for ...
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