Germany: Visually perfect fruit and vegetables have negative impact on the environment and climate

Published Jan 25, 2022

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01/24/2022 | 10:42:00 | ID: 32133 | Department: Agriculture | Plant Dessau-Roßlau (agrar-PR) - Strict retail requirements for the appearance and size of fruit and vegetables pollute the environment, because often additional pesticides and fertilizers have to be used. In addition, unnecessary food losses occur. Two current publications deal with this topic.

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In their market check, the consumer advice centers criticize the overly strict handling of trade; the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) proposes solutions for more environmentally and climate-friendly specifications. Consumer centers and UBA are calling on retailers to offer fruit and vegetables in every size and appearance as standard. Numerous self-imposed specifications for fruit and vegetables pollute the environment and the ⁠ climate ⁠: broccoli, for example, is marketed according to unit weight, apples only with a flawless skin and in the case of carrots or kohlrabi, the fresh green leaves are only for visual purposes, but they also cause the vegetables to wither more quickly. Additional pesticides and fertilizers often have to be used to ensure that fruit and vegetables look particularly fresh and pristine. As a rule, fruit and vegetables that do not meet the trade specifications are not purchased from the producers. In the best case, it is processed into juice or used as ...
Source: Agrar
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