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With warm temperature, insects from popillia to grasshoppers boom Italy

Caldo: boom insetti da Popillia a cavallette
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Environmental Issue
Jun 23, 2022
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With the high summer temperatures that reach over 40 degrees, there is a boom of insects in fields, orchards, vegetable gardens and gardens with swarms of grasshoppers, Asian bugs, Japanese beetles, spiders, aphids and worms that damage fruit, leaves, plants and corn already hit by severe drought at a time when Italy needs to exploit all its food production potential to cope with the effects on prices and markets of the war in Ukraine.
This is what emerges from Coldiretti's monitoring of an invasion that extends from Piedmont to Sardinia, from Lombardy to Veneto to Emilia Romagna with damage to production and problems for people. Millions of grasshoppers - explains Coldiretti - have become a real plague of summer 2022 not only in Sardinia where they have already devastated almost 40 thousand hectares of territory between Nuoro, Sassari and Oristano but also in Emilia Romagna where in the Forlì area they are damaging the crops of wheat, vegetables, fodder, alfalfa from the Bidente and Savio valleys. From Ferrara to Ravenna, Asian bugs are attacking the orchards while further north in the province of Piacenza there are the first attacks of the red spider on tomato crops. Piedmont is struggling - points out Coldiretti - with the invasion of Popillia japonica, the Japanese beetle capable of causing immense damage to all plant species, from lawns to ornamental plants, from fruit trees to vineyards, to vegetable crops ...
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