Argentina: We believe there is a new opportunity to open ourselves to the world"

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Published Feb 25, 2024

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Argentina's Foreign Minister Diana Mondino recently met with the Liaison Table, a group of agricultural representatives, to discuss new export markets, the Mercosur-European Union trade agreement, the VISEC verification platform for soybeans and meat, the carbon footprint, international trade and bilateral relations. The agricultural representatives believe Mondino is committed to promoting foreign trade and improving Argentina's global market position. The meeting also touched on the issue of withholdings, with Mondino expressing her intention to gradually withdraw them.
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The members of the Liaison Table met with Foreign Minister Diana Mondino to discuss the possibility of exporting to new markets and the Mercosur-European Union agreement. The agricultural representatives considered that Mondino was committed and willing to "put Argentina in another place", while offering the collaboration of the Foreign Ministry to promote foreign trade to both America and Europe and other destinations. "We believe that there is a new opportunity to open ourselves to the world," Nicolás Pino, president of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), told the press. In turn, the heads of the different entities and the official discussed the progress regarding the trade agreement between Mercosur and the European Union. In addition, they talked about the VISEC verification platform for soybeans, meat and other products, the carbon footprint, international trade and bilateral relations with other countries. Along these lines, the head of Coninagro, Elbio Laucirica, stated that ...
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