Peruvian avocado exports in week 20 of the current campaign

Published May 29, 2024

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The article reports on the twentyweek old Peruvian avocado export campaign, which has seen a 3% decrease in shipments, totaling 211,108 tons with an estimated FOB value of $346,844,810. The vast majority of these exports, i.e., 90%, were transported by sea, with the remainder by land and air. Europe remains the primary market, receiving 67% of the exports, followed by Latin America, Asia, North America, Africa, and the Middle East, each with varying percentages. The campaign has also seen significant participation from key companies in both export and import sectors, with the Hass avocado variety dominating at 87%, and a diverse mix of regions within Peru contributing to the avocado production for exports.
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( At week 20 of the current Peruvian avocado campaign, shipments abroad of this fruit have fallen by 3% (compared to the previous campaign), reaching shipments of 211,108 tons with an FOB value in the current year. of US$ 346,844,810. This is reported in a recent report by Fresh Cargo Perú, which details that 90% of these shipments were made by sea, while 10% were carried out by land and only 0.2% were channeled by air. In terms of destinations, the predominance of Europe as the main market is confirmed by concentrating a share of 67% (showing a drop of 5% compared to the previous campaign). In second place is Latin America with 10% participation; followed by Asia with 14%, North America with 4%, Africa with 0.2% and the Middle East with 0.1%. Exporters, importers, varieties and origin So far in the current campaign, the main exporting companies of Peruvian avocado are, according to the Fresh Fruit Perú document, the following companies: Westfalia Fruit Perú SAC, ...
Source: Agraria
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