WFP celebrates the reduction of food insecurity in Colombia but warns of inequity

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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The UN World Food Program (WFP) has reported an improvement in Colombia's food security indices from 30% to 25% in 2023, but warns that over half the population still lacks adequate access to food. The WFP's survey found that 25% of households, or 13 million people, can only afford basic needs and poorer quality food, while 4% of households, or about two million people, only consumed one meal a day in the week prior to the survey. The WFP has urged for comprehensive and specialized government interventions to address the issue, which is worsened by factors such as the El Niño Phenomenon and the country's economic slowdown.
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Bogotá, Feb 27 (EFE).- The UN World Food Program (WFP) revealed this Tuesday that food security indices in Colombia improved from 30% to 25% in 2023, but the institution warns that it is not There is equity in the country and more than half of the population still does not have adequate access to food. "There are households that can spend on average 1 million pesos (about $254) per capita per month, while there are others that cannot afford to spend more than 180,000 pesos (about $45) per month," he explained at the presentation of the report. in Bogotá the deputy director of the WFP for Colombia, Rossella Bottone. Bottone added that families living in food insecurity, 25% of households (13 million people), "only spend on basic needs, they buy poorer quality food - with sugars and fats - that is cheaper." They are families with low-protein diets like those in the desert area of La Guajira, in the north of the country, where more than half of the population lives in severe food ...
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