Russia: What kind of government assistance can farmers affected by floods expect?

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Published Apr 18, 2024

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Kazakhstan is grappling with severe flooding, prompting the evacuation of over 100,000 people and inundating thousands of homes. The crisis has led to 7,598 individuals, including 3,288 children, seeking refuge in temporary shelters, with a looming threat of a second wave of floods in five regions. President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has called for relentless flood control and cleanup efforts, emphasizing the importance of regional leaders' vigilance. The agricultural sector has been hit hard, with 112,500 farm animals evacuated and 7,035 confirmed deaths, prompting the initiation of compensation mechanisms for affected livestock owners. Financial aid and support in the form of reduced-price feed grain and seed supplies on installment payment terms are being provided to assist farmers in recovery, with significant funds already distributed for lost livestock in the village of Kyzylzhuldyz.
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Melt waters flooded thousands of houses, more than 100 thousand people had to be evacuated from disaster zones, reports the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There are 7,598 people in temporary accommodation centers, of which 3,288 are children. In five regions - Atyrau, West Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan, Akmola, North Kazakhstan regions - there is a possibility of a second wave of floods. At a meeting of the Republican Headquarters for coordinating flood control measures and eliminating the consequences of floods, the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev warned the akims that it would not be possible to “pretend to work and disperse”: “The akims of the affected regions urgently provide the operational group with estimates of funding needs, as well as clear the territories from garbage, remove the remains of destroyed houses and buildings. /…/ I have already warned all akims that this is not a one-time campaign. That is, they went out to ...
Source: Agrosektor
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