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Iran: What was the cause of the turmoil in the fruit market on Eid night?

Updated Mar 27, 2023
In a report to the head of the Punishment Organization, the Director General of Tehran Province's State Penitentiary said: Heads of the branches were stationed around the clock in Tare Bar Squares due to people's dissatisfaction and we tried to get high-quality fruit at a reasonable price to the people.
According to Isna, citing the General Department of Public Relations and Ceremonies of the State Penitentiary Organization, Farzad Aghaei, Director General of the State Penitentiary of Tehran province, said at the joint patrols of Nowruz and the holy month of Ramadan: One of the areas of entry of the State Penitentiary Organization in the Shab Eid market is the issue of fruit and It was unfortunate that the fruit was not in a good position in terms of supply and regulation of the market. Aghaei added: Although the Jihad of Agriculture had taken responsibility for supplying 4 thousand tomans of oranges and 2 thousand tons of apples, unfortunately, it could not distribute a thousand tons until the night of Eid, and on the other hand, the distributed fruits, especially apples, were not of the required quality. Stating that the fruit in the square was cheaper than the market price, the Director General of Tehran Provincial Government Correctional Service said: Branch chiefs were ...
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