Italy: Cia, durum wheat producers still waiting for answers

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Published Feb 24, 2024

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Italian farmers' association, Cia-Agricoltori Italiani, has urged the government to address the crisis in the durum wheat sector, citing rising production costs and falling market prices. The association also highlighted the absence of an electronic inventory register, Granaio Italia, as a significant issue. Preliminary data indicates a substantial decrease in durum wheat cultivation, potentially leading to one of Italy's lowest harvests. The association also criticized EU policies, low list prices, and increasing imports from other countries.
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It is unacceptable that farmers have to continue to work at a loss; it is inconceivable that in Italy, the EU's leading producer of durum wheat, production costs for the sector continue to increase, while market prices decrease; it is not possible that the Granaio Italia electronic register has not yet been established. We collected over 75 thousand signatures with the Made in Italy "save-wheat" online petition, shared our dossier of proposals and requests with the institutions, and took to the streets in Rome on October 26th. Cia-Agricoltori Italiani launches yet another appeal to the Government: hurry up and give concrete answers to the cereal sector in emergency. Today, Cia points out, considering the latest prices on durum wheat of around 37 euros per quintal and farmers' yields of around 30 quintals per hectare, we actually arrive at a gross salable production of 1,100 euros per hectare, but with of production far exceeding 1,400 euros per hectare. Not only that, the first ...
Source: Cia
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