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Turkey: Wheat fields flooded in Harran plain

Updated Mar 29, 2023
Due to the flood on March 14-15 in the Harran plain of Şanlıurfa, wheat planted areas were flooded. There is a puddle of water in the fields.
Flood waters also covered the Harran Plain, one of Turkey's most fertile agricultural lands. It was seen that the waters in the plain rose up to a certain part of the houses. Wheat fields are still flooded. Ranking third after Konya and Ankara in terms of arable land in Turkey, Şanlıurfa meets 36 percent of lentil production, 10 percent of wheat and 11 percent of barley thanks to its fertile lands. Agricultural lands were damaged due to the flood that occurred on March 15 in Şanlıurfa. Especially in the Ovada Kuruyer neighborhood, the wheat planted lands were under water. The pond remains. Stating that the wheat planted areas were flooded due to the flood, Çiftçiler said, “Some of our lands in the Harran plain were under water. Especially in Kuruyer ...
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