Wheat producers in Turkey are waiting for the Turkish Grain Board to announce the base price

Published May 15, 2024

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The article highlights the ongoing anticipation for the wheat base price announcement by TMO (Turkish Grain Board), as harvest has already commenced. Both producers and consumers are urgently calling for a swift decision to prevent financial losses. The Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey calculates the average cost of dry wheat at 10.87 liras per kilogram, marking a significant increase from the previous year. Sadullah Kısacık, a DEVA Party deputy, and Gürsel Alnıaçık, the President of the Ankara Chamber of Bakers, have voiced their opinions, emphasizing the urgency for a fair price and addressing concerns over potential impacts on farmers and bread prices.
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Although harvest has started in many regions, TMO still has not announced the wheat base price. Wheat producers and consumers say that the price should be announced as soon as possible. The Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey made a statement on April 27, "In the cost calculation made by taking into account the expenses of our farmers from the day they sowed the wheat seeds until the harvest, the average cost of wheat produced under dry conditions was determined as 10 liras and 87 kuruş per kilogram, increasing by 62 percent compared to last year." . DEVA Party Adana Deputy Sadullah Kısacık said about the issue in the Turkish Grand National Assembly: "Wheat base prices should be announced as soon as possible so that our farmers do not suffer. Our farmer experienced the same problem in the wheat harvest last year. The price was announced late and ...
Source: Milligazete
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