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Why is the price of home-grown vegetables in Vietnam is so cheap, the market in HCMC is so high

Updated Jul 14, 2021
Surveys at vegetable gardens in the western provinces show that the selling price here is quite low, only 2,000-12,000 VND per kg. Ms. Hoa, the owner of a green vegetable garden in Long An, said that since Ho Chi Minh City was isolated, she still sells green vegetables at 8,000 VND per kilogram, and tubers cost 12,000 VND alone. "Every day I export about 3-4 quintals of vegetables. In recent days, the cooperative has proposed to increase the quantity of goods, even though the harvest date has not yet come, I also try to cut them to supply the people of Ho Chi Minh City," she said. Hoa said. The report of An Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development shows that the price of vegetables in this province is quite stable, only increasing slightly by about 1,000 VND, of which, some vegetables in the barn are only 2,000-18,000 VND per kg. depending on type). Specifically, bok choy is 2,000 VND, broccoli and collard greens are 8,000 VND per kg, green onions and cucumbers are ...
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