Wine cocktails pave the way for the recovery of wine consumption in the USA

Updated Sep 22, 2023
In the United States, the world's largest market in terms of wine consumption, sales are falling. And also worryingly: in the first six months of the year the decline in consumption was 7.3%. But along with the negative data comes some timid positive signals: driven by young people, the trend for wine cocktails, i.e. mixed and ready-to-drink drinks based on wine, is growing. This was reported by the UIV Observatory which processed data from SipSource, a tool for monitoring off and on-premise sales, which covers 75% of the American market, for a total of over 330 thousand commercial establishments. «The wine cocktails classified in the typology of premixed products, are in fact - according to the UIV Observatory - the only positive item linked to wine, with an overall trend growth of over 3% and with peaks of +7% in the away-from-home segment, starting from restaurants (+1 .2%) but above all bars and other venues, where the increase recorded is in double figures. «The mixology ...
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