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Winter potato consumption up 3 percent in Netherlands

Winterconsumptie aardappelen stijgt 3 procent
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Fresh Common Potato
Nov 24, 2021
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The Dutch Potato Organization (NAO) has requested Nielsen's figures. This shows that the potato is still gaining popularity as a basis for, among other things, stew meals. Research agency Nielsen expects this trend to continue into the coming winter. The consumption growth of 3 percent in the winter of 2020-2021 is equivalent to 2.5 million kilos of potatoes that have been eaten more compared to the winter of 2019-2020. A study by the Future of Food Institute, commissioned by NAO, previously showed that at 34 percent, kale is still the favorite stew among the Dutch. This is followed by the stew of endive with 20 percent of the preference votes. Sauerkraut and stew jointly share third place with a share of 17 percent. Sauerkraut is especially popular with older consumers. Consumers under the age of forty mainly opt for stew with endive. Women are bigger lovers Dishes with potatoes are most popular during cold days, according to the research. On cold winter days, 35 percent of ...
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