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With more than 460 thousand certified hectares, Peru grows in organic production

Con más de 460 mil hectáreas certificadas, Perú crece en producción orgánica
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Dec 3, 2021
From Senasa
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Within the framework of the day for the promotion of organic agriculture and the non-use of agrochemicals', SENASA, as the national authority for the control of organic production, announced that Peru currently has 464 546.85 hectares dedicated to organic production and 95 157.84 hectares in transition process, certified by agencies authorized by SENASA.
It is estimated that there are more than 107,367 producers who are dedicated to this area; of which 94% are small farmers who are associated with group operators, complying with national organic standards and demanding international markets. The main organic crops include coffee with 124,132 hectares, chestnuts with 210,609 hectares, cocoa with 52,191 hectares, quinoa with 10,625 and bananas with 7,419; being the European Union, the United States and Asia the main destination markets for these products. The emerging crops that are added to the development of agro-exports are blueberries, kion, avocado, mango, grape and pomegranate, which are having a good acceptance by consumers internationally. In order to keep these crops as ‘organic’, SENASA carries out a timely inspection of operators with certified fields and continues to work in a coordinated manner with 982 certified operators, in order to promote the growth of organic production and its international competitiveness. "Good ...
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