With the logistical and climate crisis affecting all origins, Brazil expands coffee sales to producing countries

Published May 15, 2024

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Brazil is experiencing an increase in coffee demand from other producing countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Mexico due to their own production challenges. Vietnam's purchases of conilon from Brazil surged by 211.6%, Indonesia's by 119.1%, and Mexico's by 877% between January and April of this year. Mexico imports Brazilian coffee for use in its soluble manufacturing plant. The surge in demand is attributed to climate issues and logistical challenges, with importers seeking new delivery routes. However, Colombia, the world's second-largest arabica producer, saw a 47.4% drop in imports of Brazilian coffee.
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With climatic and logistical adversities affecting all markets around the world, Brazil's partnerships with other coffee producing origins continue to advance. Countries with lower production have always purchased coffee from Brazil, but in recent years volumes have attracted attention. The most recent data from the Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council (Cecafé) shows that Vietnam advanced by 211.6% in purchases of conilon from Brazil. The largest Robusta producer in the world is still feeling the impacts of El Niño, with drought and high temperatures, the harvest to be harvested is still full of uncertainties. Still in Asia, Indonesia increased its coffee purchases from Brazil by 119.1%. “Other producing countries have even been importing Brazilian coffee to meet their consumption and re-export commitments, such as Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam and Indonesia. The Mexicans, for example, have once again increased imports of our green coffee, mainly canephoras, to use the raw material in ...
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