World Economic Forum: report shows that Cerrado can generate US$72 billion/year for Brazil's economy

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Published Feb 28, 2024

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The World Economic Forum has proposed a new growth model for Brazil's Cerrado region, which could generate $72 billion annually by 2030. The model aims to balance environmental protection with sustainable food production, job creation, tourism, and green industries. Despite being responsible for 60% of Brazil's agricultural production and 22% of global soy exports, the Cerrado has seen a 43% increase in deforestation in the past year. The report suggests solutions like agroforestry and regenerative agriculture, and emphasizes the region's bioenergy potential. However, it stresses the need for measures to prevent further deforestation. The Cerrado is also seen as central to Brazil's Ecological Transformation plan, which aims to decarbonize major industries.
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São Paulo, 02/27/2024 - The World Economic Forum today launched a report that shows how a new growth model in the Cerrado could generate US$72 billion per year for Brazil's economy by 2030, balancing environmental protection measures and , while also boosting sustainable food production, providing more jobs and tourism, and exploring green industries. The Cerrado: Production and Protection study was carried out by the Tropical Forest Alliance, an initiative of the World Economic Forum, based on analysis of data from the Brazilian Ecological Transformation Plan, prepared by the company Systemiq, a partner in preparing the report. Through comprehensive research and interviews with Brazilian experts, the document proposes several solutions, including agroforestry and regenerative agriculture, that will create conditions for food production in a more sustainable way, increasing productivity and creating more jobs. According to research, the Cerrado is a global breadbasket, responsible ...
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