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Published Nov 22, 2023

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World Fisheries Day, celebrated on November 21, emphasizes the importance of fish as a healthy and sustainable protein source. Fishing is seen as a key element in ensuring global food security by 2050, as the world's population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion. Peru plays a significant role in aquaculture and is the largest producer of fishmeal and fish oil, providing a positive impact on global food security and contributing to the country's economy and job market.
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Within the framework of World Fisheries Day, which is celebrated today, November 21, it is important to highlight that fish is considered one of the healthiest and most sustainable proteins on the planet. Experts even point out that fishing could guarantee the world's food security by 2050. This was reported by specialist Gonzalo de Romaña, who said that in that year, the global population would reach almost 10 billion people according to the United Nations. “The need in the world in the next 25 years will be for a nutritious protein and, above all, produced in a sustainable way. “Peru and its marine ingredients industry play a very important role in aquaculture, a sector that has a reduced environmental footprint in contrast to other sectors,” he expressed. LOOK: China clones a baby cat for the first time using national reagents and inputs Aquaculture has become the main market for the use of fishmeal and fish oil, with more than 70% of its production used in aquafeeds worldwide. ...
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