World's largest olive oil producer Spain records 56% drop in production

Updated Aug 12, 2023
European olive oil producers are warning that this summer's heat could bring a second consecutive bad harvest. The severe drought could lead to a rise in olive oil prices, the industry has warned, as quoted by Daily Sabah. European olive oil production is expected to fall by 40% in the 2022-2023 season compared to the previous season, according to data published in July by the European Commission. "We are very worried," commented Andrea Carcasi, who is director general of the Italian Association of Olive Oil Producers Assitol. Spain, which accounts for nearly half of the world's total olive oil production and is the world's largest producer, recorded a 56% drop. The production of Greece has decreased by 47%, in Portugal by 39%, and in Italy a decrease of 27% was recorded. Tunisian olive oil production has fallen by a quarter, while the global decline is around 26%. An increase of 17% is reported in Turkey alone. Turkey banned the export of olive oil: Is a jump in the price of ...
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