Gardeners in Vietnam are worried about unfavorable Tet fruit crop

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Published Nov 30, 2023

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Gardeners are facing difficulties in managing their fruit gardens due to unpredictable weather patterns, such as a combination of sunny spells and heavy rain. This affects the flowering and fruiting of off-season fruits like mango, grapefruit, and dragon fruit, which are in high demand during the Lunar New Year. However, the current economic situation has slowed down purchasing power, causing concerns for gardeners about lower output and profits.
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The above fruits serve the domestic and export markets, so demand is often higher than other seasons of the year. However, the current difficult economic situation has caused purchasing power to slow down, and many gardeners are worried that their output will be difficult. * It is difficult to produce fruit that is out of season Mango is a fruit that is often popular in both the domestic market and exported to China at the end of the year. Accordingly, many gardeners invest in making mangoes off-season to harvest early during Tet. However, this is a crop that is sensitive to weather, especially when grown in the off-season. Director of Xuan Truong Mango Agricultural Service and Trade Cooperative (Xuan Loc District) Nguyen Dung said that in order to have mangoes harvested on Tet holiday, farmers must process them from the 8th lunar month so that the trees can flower and bean. left the following month. But this year, there has been a long period of sunshine and heavy rain, making it ...
Source: Baodongnai
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