EU: Worries about potatoes due to persistent rain

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Published Nov 28, 2023

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Persistent rain has hindered the harvest of potatoes, causing concerns about rot and quality issues. The difficult harvest conditions have led to shortages in the potato market, resulting in a significant increase in prices. These challenges also extend to the availability of seed potatoes in the future, with predictions of a shortage in spring 2024.
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After a regular summer, the potato yield seemed to be generally good. An average yield of 45.8 tonnes per hectare was achieved in EU-4. This is an increase of 6.3 percent compared to last year. Combined with a larger number of hectares, the total production of EU-4 was estimated at 23.6 million tonnes. In 2021 this was 22.9 million tonnes and this was a fairly comparable year. Currently, around 22.2 million tons have been harvested. This means that there are still approximately 1.4 million tons in the ground. NEPG does not make predictions about how much will be harvested, but some of the crop has probably been lost. Continuous rain Bad weather conditions in October brought the harvest to a halt after just three minutes. By mid-November, up to 250 millimeters of rain had been recorded in some areas, leaving plots underwater. Northern France, western Belgium and Dutch coastal regions suffered the most. In many of these areas the potatoes still have to be harvested: fifteen percent ...
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