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Yoshta, a new berry, flooded the Ukrainian lands

Йошта – нові ягоди заполонили українські землі
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Jul 22, 2020
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It is not surprising that yoshta has German roots in its name, as it was bred in the 1970s by the then German coach Rudolf Bauer. Then his compatriot X. Muravsky bred varieties of Jochemin, John, Moreau. After that, new hybrids appeared in other countries. Yoshta came to Ukraine not so long ago, but has already received a local name. In Cherkasy region this plant is called bemberts. Currently, yoshta seedlings can be purchased throughout Ukraine. Online stores offer them from 30 hryvnia for one year, to almost 200 apiece. The price, as always, depends on the variety and age of seedlings. As for the price of berries, this thing in the markets for a kilo of yoshty ask from 40 hryvnia. The price is significantly higher than a kilo of the same gooseberry or currant, but the demand for new berries is considerable. "They spread like hot cakes," said Ms. Valentina, a saleswoman at a bazaar in Vinnytsia. “And they take blackberries and raspberries well. I have two varieties of it growing, ...
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