Morocco: Zagora Prefecture legalizes watermelon cultivation

Fresh Watermelon
Regulation & Compliances
Published Nov 18, 2023

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The Governor of Zagora Province has issued a global decision regulating the cultivation of red and yellow watermelons in the region. The decision sets a maximum area for growing the watermelons and prohibits their cultivation near certain water sources. Local committees will monitor and enforce the decision, aiming to control groundwater usage and prevent water depletion in the region, where the population suffers from water scarcity and interruptions in the supply of potable water.
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Zagora: Muhammad Soleimani Based on the global decision, the area that can be exploited for growing watermelon of both types during the current agricultural season has been set by the regional authorities as between half a hectare and one hectare as a maximum that cannot be exceeded. The global decision also prohibited the cultivation of both types of watermelon in areas located near pumping fields for drinking water, designated by the local committee, especially on the sides of the Draa Valley along the oases, near valleys, and areas designated for supplying potable water. The decision entrusted the local committee to read the meters for wells and water holes at the beginning of exploitation, and periodically to know the amount of irrigation water extracted and to track the condition of the water bed. In the event that the specified area for growing red and yellow watermelons agreed upon, stipulated in the approved farmers’ list, is not respected, the local committee meets to ...
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