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Flavoured Instant Noodles from Congo

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Marsavco Sarl was established in 1922 in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of the biggest manufacturers of FMCG products in the region and its main products include margarine and refined palm oil. The company is managed by the CEO-Director-Manager. They aim to provide their consumers with branded products of superior quality and value. They believe that if they can improve their lives, now and for years to come, it will result in value creation, leadership, sales, and profitability- thus providing prosperity to all stakeholders. The company had experience in exporting to Angola, Rwanda. It further wishes to expand its exports to Angola, Rwanda, India, South East Asia, the US, and the UK.
At a Glance
1922, Democratic Republic of Congo
Manufacturers of FMCG products
Quality and superior products
Export Experience:
Angola, Rwanda
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Once the noodles add seasoning is manufactured each noodle cake along with its seasoning is packed in 70 grams in a vacuum plastic bag. 40 vacuum packets are placed in a carton which approximately weighs 2.8 kgs. These cartons are then stored in cool warehouses and are ready for shipment. The product is ready for shipment in 7 working days from the day of payment.
At a Glance
70 grams noodle cake and seasoning packet vacuum-sealed plastic bags
40 vacuum packets in carton boxes
Shipping Time:
7 working days
Matadi, Port
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The company has three-step quality check criteria on a personal level. Further, the products are inspected specifically by the Quality Department and are left in quarantine for three days. They pay key attention to the quality of each raw material used in the production process. They are certified under FDI.
At a Glance
Quality Indicators:
Three-step quality check Quality Department
Quality Assurance:
High-quality raw materials
The average production yield is 10000 metric tons per year. The production factory is located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa and the production takes place all around the year. Instant noodles are produced using a variety of raw materials. The noodles are made from combing wheat flour with palm olein and low quantity of salts. There are several spices like onion powder, garlic, turmeric, and red pepper which make the seasoning packet included inside the noodles.
At a Glance
Average Yield:
10000 metric tons per year
Factory Location:
Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa
Production Inputs:
Wheat, palm olein, salt and spices
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Marsavco Sarl offers Instant Noodles under the name of "Simba Instant Noodles" ( Nouilles Simba). There are three flavours available: Chicken Flavour, Beef Flavour and Marinade Flavour. Each individual packet weights 70 grams (gross weight) and can be quickly cooked. Instant noodles are a convenience food and can be ready within 5 minutes on average.

Simba Instant Noodles is produced from Wheat Flour (fortified with Vit. A), palm olein and low quantity of salts (iodized salts) and seasonings like onion powder, garlic, turmeric, and red pepper. It is a rich source of carbohydrates, protein, Vit A, and Minerals from wheat flour, a good source of Fat and Vit. D from palm olein and the seasoning powder is rich in vitamins, fibre and essential micronutrients. The noodles are prepared and eaten as a stand-alone rich and healthy meal like every other wheat-based foods but can also be garnished and served with vegetables, carrot, egg, fish, meat green beans and others. The garnishes make it healthier, tastier and more appealing to children and adults.

Simba Instant Noodles can be prepared and serve hot for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner by Street Food vendors and in restaurants, school canteens as well as in homes. The product has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.
At a Glance
Chicken Flavour, Beef Flavour and Marinade Flavour
Cooking Time:
5 minutes (Convenience food)
Personal consumption, restaurants, street vendors and school canteens
Shelf Life:
12 months
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