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Price Data

Make better decisions with real-time price data

We collect and analyze wholesale & farmgate prices from over 400 trusted sources globally through our technologies and the support of our global human operations.
Tridge Price Data

Keep track of price trends and make better-informed decisions for your market


Most extensive coverage of wholesale price data in the world

We offer the most extensive coverage of wholesale market prices in the food and agriculture industry.
Categories we cover
Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits
Fruits & Vegetables
Edible Oils
Meat & Poultry
Herbs & Spices
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Data from reliable sources

We systematically collect and analyze prices from over 400 trusted sources globally.
Our partners include producers, traders, government public sources, and local industry experts.
We apply direct human operation and cutting-edge machine learning technology to ensure and manage big data quality.

Get better visibility of the market

We help every stakeholder in the agriculture trading industry get better market visibility with our price data.
For Buyers
Be notified of benchmark prices in origin and key importing markets.
Reduce reliance on suppliers for price information.
Identify opportunities for renegotiation with our price volatility.
For Producers
Stay informed about both your own and competitor markets' prices.
Rely on reliable price sources to overcome the limits of your information channel.
Look out for market opportunities to sell at the best price and increase ROI.
For Analysts
Get access to the global agriculture industry's most abundant market price data.
Spend resources on actual analysis, not data management.
Have access to impactful data visualization tools to view price trends at a glance.

Keep track of current and future price trends

Visualize your data to gain more insights into key trends and capture market opportunities on time.
We offer a wide range of commodity market price indices that show current and upcoming price trends in the upcoming four weeks.

Download raw data for further analysis

Execute a more advanced analysis and flexible application of our price data by integrating the raw data with other data in CSV format.
Tridge provides the most comprehensive and powerful API to allow you to integrate our global price data and real-time insights into your business or application with ease.

Discover how you can make use of our price data

Our case studies will help you understand and figure out ways to apply price data to your market analysis.
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