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Production Data

Explore the market landscape with production data

Discover the most comprehensive world production data of products from all over the globe.
Tridge Production Data

Understand the market landscape with our most comprehensive production data


Discover the latest world production data of products from all over the globe

We provide information about production volumes of specific products by using the standard FAO codes from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
We provide agricultural production data at the national level in all producing countries.

Understand your market landscape

See what countries dominate and are emerging as the next major producers in the world’s market.
Quickly assess market sizes.
Analyze the competitive landscape of global leading producers.
Assess the growth and decline of different markets.

Easily browse, compare, and strategize

Leverage next-generation visualization tools to quickly and easily analyze time-series production data.
Compare production data by product and markets with the help of informative and comprehensive data of all producers worldwide.

Analyze changes in production of each country over time

Browse through historical, long-term trends of over ten years and the most up-to-date yearly production data in all producing countries.
Easily find countries with the highest and lowest farmgate prices.

Discover how you can make use of our production data

Our case studies will help you understand and figure out ways to apply production data to your market analysis.

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