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Cashew Nut

Similar Names
Anacardium occidentale
Cashew Nuts
Top Producer
0217 Cashew nuts, with shell
Top Exporter
080130 Cashew nuts, fresh or dried
Top Importer
080130 Cashew nuts, fresh or dried
Wholesale Prices
$ 1.45 per kg
May, 2019
Jan 7
May 20
Product Intelligence of Cashew Nut

Processing Types of Cashew Nut

What are the different types of processed Cashew Nut?

Sun Drying and Storage---> At the Producer Level Raw Cashew Nuts are sun dried for several days.The Raw Cashew Nut is stored in either gunny or sisal bags. Passages should be kept in order to guarantee ventilation.

Before Processing---> The quality of the raw cashew nut is determined by three key tests before processing: Moisture test, Nut Count Test and Nut turn-out. The kernels are also graded according to their size.

Cleaning, Roasting and Cooling---> The raw nuts are sieved by hand using mesh sieve. After that The

raw cashew nut are roasted for approximately 30 minutes and left to cool for 12 – 15 hours.

Hygiene Practices---> Good Hygienic & Manufacturing practices should be respected through the whole processing chain. 

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