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Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
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0393 Cauliflowers and broccoli
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070410 Cauliflowers and headed broccoli, fresh or chilled
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070410 Cauliflowers and headed broccoli, fresh or chilled
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Product Intelligence of Cauliflower

Varieties of Cauliflower

What are the varieties of Cauliflower?
General Information

Most popular cauliflower varieties:

Aalsmeer - early vigorous variety with excellent curds that are well protected. Creamy white heads of good depth and weight. Frost hardy.

Autumn Giant - large solid white heads well protected from the weather.

Aviron F1 - superb deep large curds with strong leaf growth for light frost protection. Ideal for poorer soils and low nitrogen cultivation..

Barcelona F1  - a very early variety of cauliflower that is ideally suited to an October sowing, this variety produces white curds of exceptional quality and makes for an ideal replacement for Alpha 7 Jubro.

Belot F1 - produces high quality heads fro cutting October to December. Has excellent deep clean white curds.

Candid Charm F1 - benefits from large pure white heads covered by dark green leaves. It is very fast to maturity where it will produce brilliant yields of high quality cauliflower to eat.

Clapton F1 - a cauliflower with good quality white curds carried high off the ground so is kept very clean. 

Goodman F1 - early variety with a vigorous growing habit with well protected, solid, white curds. Matures approximately 80-90 days after transplanting. Organic seed.

Graffiti F1 - deepest purple cauliflower curds, perfect for adding colour to any summer or autumn dish, delicious and highly nutritious. Matures within 75-80 days with a good head weight.

Green Trevi F1 - green heads of medium size and excellent taste. Sow June for October cutting.

Igloo - an early variety with good, clean, white heads. Can be used as mini-vegetable when grown close together, or at wider spacing for larger heads.

Lisbonia F1 - a great replacement for Wallaby, very upright foliage and narrow base. Performs best during the September harvest period.

Maystar (EWK) - solid curds of pure white, ideal for floret freezing as well as usual cooking.

Medallion F1 - sow May or June for cropping late February to early March. Very uniform with deep, round and heavy curds but not suitable for Northern areas

Romanesco - highly attractive head of lime green made up of a mass of small conical shaped florets forming a pointed curd not unlike a green cauliflower. Matures September to October

Romanesco Navona F1 - dark green curds with no braces. Excellent flavour. Plant mid June for harvesting late summer/ Autumn.

Snow Prince F1 - selected for maturity a little later. Sow in April and May to Harvest from September to October.

Snowball - dwarf compact plants can be set closer than others.

Sunset F1 - unique orange curds. Great raw in salads or as a cooked vegetable. Semi-upright habit with medium green leaves.

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Product Description
General Information

- Cauliflower origin is from Cyprus. At the beginning, cauliflower was even called Cyprus colewart. The vegetable was very popular in Ancient Greece and Rome. From that countries it was widen to the other European countries, especially to France. It became popular in 16th century.

- Cauliflower is a vegetables in the species of cabbage (Brassica). It’s weight is from 25 dag to 2 kg. Stalk is strongly shortened and cylindrical. During growth, it produces head a compact concentration of shortened, fleshy flower shoots. The head can be white, cream, green. Leaves grow from the bottom of the stem and partially cover the giant inflorescence (head). Sometimes they overwhelm it. Flowers develop on side shoots growing on the periphery of a fleshy heas, similar to other brassicas, light yellow.

- The biggest world producers are China and India. In Europe significant producers are Spain, Itlay, France and Poland. It also cultivated in USA and Maxico.

- There are more than 80 varieties of cauliflower but for production purposes dominates white cauliflower. In the Mediterranean countries, green and purple cauliflower is grown, and the orange cauliflower origin Canada. 

- Cauliflower is cultivated in two methods – in the field or undercover in greenhouses. Greenhouse cultivating is more efficient, gives higher production however is more expensive.

- Cauliflower might be harvested manually or mechanically. Mechanical harvesting dominates especially on the big farms.

- Cauliflower is used for culinary purposes as a fresh vegetable. It can be eaten in the form of raw, boiled, blanched, roasted, grilled and fried. Might be added to various types of salads. Cauliflower is great for a variety of meat dishes. It is also processed to frozen cauliflowers. Preserving or marinating is very rare, mostly for own use, not for industry scale.

- Cauliflower is a very valuable vegetable due to its chemical composition, as well as taste and diet. It contains, among others: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, fluorine, chlorine, iodine, carotenes, vitamins: K, B1, B2, B6, C. 


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