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Similar Names
Pyrus communis
Top Producer
0521 Pears
Top Exporter
080820 Pears and quinces, fresh
Top Importer
080820 Pears and quinces, fresh
Wholesale Prices
$ 1.22 per kg
Aug, 2019
Apr 8
Aug 19
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Product Description
General Information

- Pear is sweet, juicy, yellow or green fruit with a round base and slightly pointed top. Pear, one of the most important fruit in the world, cultivated in all temperate-zone countries of both hemispheres. The fruit is commonly eaten fresh or is canned.

- The genus is thought to have originated in present-day Western China in the foothills of the Tian Shan, a mountain range of Central Asia, and to have spread to the north and south along mountain chains.

- Pears have been cultivated in China for approximately 3000 years. The pear was also cultivated by the Romans, who ate the fruits raw or cooked, just like apples.


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