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Solanum tuberosum
Top Producer
0116 Potatoes
Top Exporter
110520 Potato flakes, granules and pellets
New Zealand
071210 Potatoes, dried, not further prepared
071010 Potatoes, frozen, uncooked steamed or boiled
070190 Potatoes, fresh or chilled except seed
Top Importer
110520 Potato flakes, granules and pellets
Cook Islands
071210 Potatoes, dried, not further prepared
United Kingdom
071010 Potatoes, frozen, uncooked steamed or boiled
070190 Potatoes, fresh or chilled except seed
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$ 0.51 per kg
Dec, 2019
Jul 29
Dec 9
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Product Description
General Information

-Flowring plant only the starchy tuber are edible, planted essentially in South America (Southern Peru & North Western Bolivia) in the Andes mountain.

-Potatoes tuber remains have been found in Peru show that it was due to 2500 BC.

-There are close to 4,000 varieties of potato including common commercial varieties, each of which has specific agricultural or culinary attributes or in the final appearance.

-Potatoes dividing into 2 main production categories ( Industrial Potatoes & Table Potatoes).

-Industrial Potatoes like (Hermes & Lady Rosetta) they are higher in Dry matter and contain low sugar %.

-Table potateos like (Nicola, Spunta, Diamont, Bernadett, Mondial & Draga) they are lower in Dry matter and higher in sugar %.

-Potatoes are one of the most important crop grown worldwide, Potatoes planted in moderately cool weather (7 to 13°C) and well-drained, loose soil that is about). In warmer climates, potatoes can be grown as a winter crop, The whole or cut tubers are planted 15- 20 cm apart on the center of the ridge at a depth of 5-7 cm and covered with soil. 

-There are many purposes of Using potatoes , and not only as a vegetable for cooking at home, less than 50 % of potatoes grown worldwide are consumed fresh. The rest are processed into potato food products and food ingredients; fed to cattle, pigs, and chickens; processed into starch for industry; and re-used as seed tubers for growing the next season’s potato crop.


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