Japan Retailer Trends - Oct 2023 Processed Seafood

Value Added Salmon
Market & Price Trends
Sun Jae Lee
Published Nov 28, 2023
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Retailer Trends Report comprehensively analyzes the food retail industry, one of the most competitive, cut-throat, and fast-paced industries. Tridge has sent on-site checkers to observe some of Japan's most prominent retailers, Life, Seiyu and Ito-Yokado. This comprehensive endeavor aims to capture Japan's food retail industry's ever-changing dynamics. Through the on-site checker's data collection and first-hand observations, Tridge gathered invaluable insights into the shifting consumer demand, rise in private label brands, and retail strategies, offering a broader perspective on global retail trends. It goes beyond the surface, exploring the unique consumer demand data and most successful private label brands, offering essential insights into the evolving retail industry. Disclaimer: Although the retail stores observed by Tridge are some of the most significant and reputable retailers in Japan, it does not claim to cover the entirety of the food retail industry and is not an absolute representation of the country's retail landscape.

Table of contents

Executive Summary

Retailer Overview: Japan

1. Life

2. Seiyu

3. Ito-Yokado

Product-focused Intelligence

Product-focused Intelligence - Life

Category 1: Processed Seafood - Canned & Packed Salmon

Processed Seafood (Canned & Packed Salmon): 2 Products Overview

Product-focused Intelligence - Seiyu

Category 1: Processed Seafood - Canned & Packed Salmon

Processed Seafood (Canned & Packed Salmon): 7 Products Overview

Product-focused Intelligence - Ito-Yokado

Category 1: Processed Seafood - Canned & Packed Salmon

Processed Seafood (Canned & Packed Salmon): 5 Products Overview

PB Product List

Key Takeaways

Ranking of Item Analysis

Retail Observations

Manufacturer Analysis

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